About Children’s Epilepsy Association of Taiwan (CEAT)
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Together We Can Make it Better

For the Children with Epilepsy and their Families


Epilepsy is the most common chronic disease in outpatient service  of pediatrc neurology.
In general population, there are 5 to 10 epilepsy patients in every 1,000 persons. The majority of them about 60%,  have their symptom onset in childhood.
Established since 1998, the Children’s Epilepsy Association of Taiwan (CEAT) a non-profit organization, has committed to combine social support and resorces in order to reinforce the welfare, health education and long-term medical care of children with epilepsy as well as information exchange of domestic/foreign epilepsy associations or equivalent.
The members of CEAT includeur medical personnel, parents/family members of children with epilepsy and volunteers.


1. To remove the stigma – the CEAT provides educational program in Communities to help people have better insight &    understanding of epilepsy, thus hopefully to remove the stigma of Epilepsy.
2. To assist patients to live a normal life – with the CEAT education and support, the children with epilepsy and their family will  benefit from what life has to offer! Our resource hub has a wide range of epilepsy courses, programs, useful testimonials and
videos, campaigns as well as beneficial articles for children with epilepsy. Our community has what it takes to build up their confidence and self-esteem, elevating their quality of life.
3. To promote epilepsy-friendly environment – we cordially invite anyone to apply for our epilepsy educational courses, with the
intention and aspiration of delivering the “correct knowledge and information of epilepsy” to the public through these educational programs and improving care-giving skills and ultimately building up an epilepsy-friendly environment and society.


1. Education – epilepsy seminars for the parents of children with epilepsy, nurses, caregivers, schools and communities.
2. Support – resource hub for self-education session, medical consultancy and urgent financial assistance.
3. Leisure – CEAT initiative activities, e.g. camping.
4. Patient’s Right—Right for proper education, Right for extracurricular activities, Right for joining insurance policy.
5. Career – Preparation for suitable job in the future to have an independent life.
6. Placement -- Institutions for long term care of children with epilepsy who cannot live an independent life in adulthood.

CEAT Services

1. 889 educational courses for School teachers of all levels in Taiwan
2. 27 seminars and supporting activities for children with epilepsy and their families
3. 19 educational seminars for school nurses
4. 30 camping activities for children with epilepsy and their families
5. 15 educational seminars for pharmacists
6. 14 epilepsy symposiums for pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons, and epileptologists
7. 39 Nation-wide film festivals for children with epilepsy and their families
8. 20 Epilepsy educational seminars for remote and offshore regions
9. 164,000 copies of epilepsy education leaflets
10. Others: hospital visits, house visits, fund-raising, financial support

Contact Information

Children’s Epilepsy Association of Taiwan (CEAT)
Tel: 02-28712121 Ext. 3156
Fax: 02-28713557
Address: 9F., No.201, Sec. 2, Shipai Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112,Taiwan, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Email: ceat@childepi.org.tw
Website: http://www.childepi.org.tw/
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